Fact about Digital Education!

Some time back Graham Brow-Martin, Founder of the Learning without Frontiers said, ” Technology is being used to support teaching and not learning. To take that farther when we are taking about online learning, we are actually meaning digitalisation of old education material.” Hundreds of schools across the East to West right from K-12 to Knowledge hubs of higher education claim to have gone digital, their claim is just like the same old book with new cover and with a new title.

As far as Teaching learning process is concerned Digital, ICT, modes of learning have no significance at all , as some crucial situations demand face-to-face learning. The language learning and some abstract contents can’t be delivered without face-to-face contact, this is more relevant at secondary level. Digital education can deliver knowledge facts and figures, it’s of no use when it comes to actual human experiences that involve Trails and Errors. Experimenting in a physical laboratory is quiet different from watching the same in the tablet or PC.

Brown-Martin further adds, “The huge investment that the west specifically has made in technology for education have almost entirely failed to deliver any discernible  improvement in learning outcomes. The reason is the majority of this technology has been to reinforce and legitimize 19th century education practice.  So the technology is being used to support teaching not learning”, the citizens enjoy the fruits of technological revolution in the form of  GM food, Improved agriculture, Transport, comfortable home, factory  and office automation, Robotics revolution, digital entertainment, the poor kids are forced to learn things and undergo activities like memorization and rote learning. It’s against the human nature, human rights, human freedom  and can be best termed as forced labour in crammed prisons called schools.

Gen-Z is more smarter and sophisticated than their teachers, because  much of the education takes place outside the school and without the teacher, Mobiles, Laptops, Tabs, digital games and even movies are the extensions of digital learning. The teachers have to come to terms with this new reality and equip themselves to face this smart generation. Several teens have developed interesting games and utility apps.

The Gen-Z school encompasses all the digital devices, face-to-face learning, human interactions, travels, purchases, and even eating experiences as  part of progressive education.  Instead of spending billions of dollars in technology for education the West and other countries should plan the educations systems that meets their futures goals and aspirations and make the education a  natural process of learning. Great educators and planners  are not listed at NASDAQ, they are not available at Bullion Market as well.