Falling Education Standard in India

The free fall of India’s education standard, even after the new and serious  government is at the helm, is amusing. The most amazing things is that our leaders are yet to realize the fact that ‘the real wealth of a nation is not the natural resources, but it’s educational infrastructure.  A survey reported that 46% university graduates are not fit for any job, 76%  graduates lack English skills and only 15 %  engineering graduates are employable. As India grows younger there is a danger of the vast unemployed masses falling prey to the self seeking political forces, for whom the power and wealth is more important than the future and security of this great nation.  The quality of education right from the primary level to the higher education (in general) is very poor. Rote learning and exam centric education system has made our students non-creative and non-innovative. A post graduate who studied through English medium is unable to draft a job application on his/her own.

We should take a cue from China, which has exploited it’s youth power to it’s full advantage and now is competing with US on all fronts, surprisingly the research output of China was lagging behind India’s in eighties, from 1993 to 1997 India and China were on Par in research activities, from two decades China has left India far behind in its research pursuit. Now we have to burn the midnight oil for at least to decades to overtake China militarily, technologically, and economically, for this we need a strong political will, strategies and unconditional commitment to education, mere slogans won’t serve any purpose.