When Ranking triumphs creativity stoops

When ranking triumphs, creativity fails!

I was amazed to read a head line in The Hindu dated 13 May 2018, that says ‘Schools warned against publicising rank holders’. The Education secretary of the Government of Tamilnadu has given powers to his subordinates to take action against the schools who indulge in putting up huge flex banners to promote enrollment.  Actually the ranking itself is a wrong concept because the evaluation of the students is purely subjective, all the scripts are not validated by a single person with a single mind-set, besides the present evaluation system doesn’t take into account all the attributes of a student’s talent.

Einstein, Newton, Hans Christian Andersen, Galileo, Ramanjua, Shakespeare, Wordsworth …….., would have failed the entry test like GRE, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, MCAT etc., to the higher education at the top universities of the world, had the been alive today.  If we go down the history hardly we find the correlation between high university grades/ranks and the creativity.  Often students who fail to secure a berth at the top universities, pursue studies at lesser known institutions and later become supreme personalities in their chosen career.

The education system in most parts of the world including in advanced countries, focuses on rote learning and examination. Millions of man-hours are lost by the teachers to complete the prescribed course for the sake of completing it and students burn the midnight oil to role-learn the stuff. The only objective of the students is to somehow secure a seat at higher education institutions. No examination worth it’s name focuses these type questions.

* What outcome could you expect from US-North Korea summit?

* What factors are responsible for Spiralling oil prices?

* Environmentalist argue ‘Battery operated vehicles would cause more pollution than petroleum based Vehicles, do you agree with this phrase, discuss with appropriate reasons.

There is no room for rote learning or memorization, the question is open-ended and the response is based on the past experiences, thinking , creativity and the best judgment.